Proposal Ideas to Inspire You

proposal ideas

The month of December sees more couples get engaged than any other time, and so the wedding experts at Blossom Flower Shops have been inspired to share some proposal ideas with you. If you are planning to pop the question soon, we hope these ideas will give you the start you need to come up with the perfect way to ask your true love for their hand in marriage. Extravagant or intimate, you will look back on this day for the rest of your life – let us help you to make it beautiful!
Nature Lovers:  If you love to walk no matter the season, you can prepare the path ahead of time. Carpet a path with rose petals, and follow the petals to a private area where hot chocolate and cookies are waiting. Tell her she is a princess by giving her a flower crown or present her with a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Two expert tips that will make this extra-special – send a friend to set up the scene for you, so your partner won’t suspect a thing and hire a stealth photographer to capture the intimate moment.
proposal ideas

Starlight Proposal: String ice lights in the backyard (or living room if the weather is not cooperating). Hang multiple crystal and snowflake ornaments from the strands, including a clear ornament that holds the ring. Dance your beloved over to the ornament and pull it down to hand to her.

Involve the Community: For a truly impressive proposal, you may need to take the day off and ask for a little assistance. Place a rose on your sweetheart’s car in the morning. Have the barista at the coffee shop hand them another rose. Throughout the day, enlist people to hand over single stems, until she holds a full bouquet by the end of the day when you meet her with the final rose.
proposal ideas If you are headed for dinner and  a proposal, be sure to alert the restaurant of what is going on. They can prepare your intimate table in the back, bring out your flowers, or create a dessert plate complete with ring and “Will You Marry Me?” scripted in icing. Never be afraid to ask people to assist with your proposal – you will find people thrilled to be involved in such a happy occasion.

Proposal ideas can come from anywhere, and often are inspired by your personality and experiences as a couple. So get creative, and call the wedding planning experts at Blossom Flower Shops. We’ve seen many couples walk down the aisle and we’d love to help you as you begin your journey. If you are planning a wedding from Yonkers to White Plains or across Westchester, we are here to help.