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The Many Jobs of the Mother of the Bride

mother of the brideFrom the moment we came into her world, Mom has been putting our interests before her own. Since she is the person we often trust the most, it is fitting that she would be the go-to contact to make sure that the wedding planning process and ceremony as a whole go smoothly.

Traditionally, the mother of the bride took charge because – after all – she and her husband were probably paying for the event. These days that may or may not be the case, but there are still many ways that Mom is expected to help out. Her main responsibility is to assist with the plans while keeping the style and vision of the bride-to-be in mind.

The mother-of-the-bride will customarily assume responsibilities such as compiling the guest list, sending out invitations and managing responses, setting up hotel reservations for out of town guests and maintaining communication with vendors. At Blossom Flower Shops, we have contributed to countless beautiful Westchester County and New York area weddings, and worked with many mothers who have assisted with a passion that only a mother can exhibit.

Depending on your culture and background, Moms may play a different role in the ceremony. In the Christian tradition, mothers are escorted to the front pew and seated just before the ceremony begins; conversely, they are escorted out as soon as the wedding party leaves, indicating her status as guest of honor. In the Jewish wedding ceremony, both the father and mother of the bride walk their daughter down the aisle together. There are many other family traditions that your mother can bring to the ceremony – from cherished heirlooms to meaningful readings; your mother is often the keeper of the traditions in the family.

From the bridal bouquets to the reception centerpieces, Blossom Flower Shops is here to bring the wedding of your dreams to life through flowers. Your Mother is there to be your right-hand helper and your shoulder to lean on – just like she always has. We look forward to meeting you both.

Our Favorite Wedding Flowers of 2015

wedding flowersIn 2015, Blossom Flower Shops was honored to provide the floral arrangements for many weddings. It was a great year, with every type of wedding – formal, rustic, vintage. We love wedding ceremonies, because the bouquets, centerpieces and décor are different every time. Whatever you envision, Blossom Flower Shops is here to help you to create the perfect ambiance for your day.

Outdoor weddings are always popular, and that was absolutely the case in 2015. From waterfront vistas to tents in a meadow, this part of the country offers a stunning backdrop for ceremonies and photos.

wedding flowers 2015-09-10 23.49.57 (1)

These lavender roses and green mums make a romantic setting even more beautiful. This boathouse gazebo wedding utilized natural containers and lush greens to accentuate all the charm of a water side ceremony. This popular color palette is perfectly suited to outdoor weddings and events.

wedding flowers

Outdoor venues also lend themselves well to vintage style, crafty weddings. Another favorite celebration included old wooden doors and window panes as accent pieces to welcome guests into the venue; details of white trellis and antique bronze lanterns added an inviting ambiance. White and green hydrangea, red roses and natural greens provided floral elements throughout the setting.

wedding flowers wedding flowers

As we look forward to 2016 and all the new weddings on the horizon, we invite you to Blossom Flower Shops. We’d love to speak with you about your big day and help you design the perfect floral arrangements that will give your wedding the unique personal touch you’re looking for. We leave you with this photo of our red rose bouquets escaping from a T-Rex – definitely a wedding we won’t forget!

wedding flowers

Wedding Planning and Celebrations After Your New Year’s Engagement

new year's engagementThe magic and enchantment of New Year’s Eve is an incredible time for a marriage proposal, and couples all around the world get engaged on this very memorable night. From proposals in Times Square to engagements with nothing but the stars above, getting engaged on New Year’s Eve is an experience you’ll enjoy sharing over and over again.

Wedding Colors: Thoughts & Impressions

Your wedding is a reflection of your personality and style, and that’s why choosing your wedding colors is such an important task at the start of your wedding planning. Taking a look at the Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2016 is a great place to start if you’re interested in a wedding that features popular shades for the season.

The Pantone Color Institute releases a list of the colors they believe will influence fashion and style for the season. The colors of spring offer a beautiful range of hues from a subtle blue-green called “limpet shell” to a fiery red called “fiesta.” Imagine your wedding party wearing vivid sunset corsages in reds, oranges, and pinks.

If you plan to get married outside after the cold weather of winter has passed and the green of spring has arrived, you might choose to match your flowers to the landscape with lush green ferns in shades like “green flash” and yellow hydrangeas in shades like “buttercup.”

Savvy Wedding Color Tips

One piece of advice that you may want to follow as you start planning your nuptials regards the number of colors you’ll feature at your wedding. Even if you don’t have a great eye for matching colors, one of the easiest ways to make sure you have a beautiful wedding is to focus on one color.

Perhaps your favorite color is dark green. You might make forest green or pine green your primary color and ask your florist about shades to match. You might choose to include hints of yellow in your bouquets, which look beautiful with green, or you might go with a subtle approach with gray and ivory accents.

The dedicated florists of Blossom Flower Shops will help you plan every detail of your wedding flowers, and we’ll even help guide your decisions on color. Get expert advice on popular colors for the season, as well as gorgeous hues that will create a wedding that’s as idyllic or exciting as you can imagine.


Blossom Winter Weddings- Ivory and White

winter wedding

Winter wedding décor is in a class all by itself. It is the only time of the year that we are likely to see reds and greens together; many people buck tradition entirely and create bright spring-like bouquets that will stand out dramatically against all the winter white.


But winter is also traditionally known for the utmost in elegance. Because of plunging temperatures, we often see the brides in a long luxurious fur; bridesmaids with elbow length satin gloves, or a dapper groom in a sophisticated black pea coat. Black and white weddings embrace the monochromatic nature of a winter landscape; and this year’s version of that palette is ivory and gray.


Although these winter hues may strike you as a bit commonplace at first, in reality grays and ivories can transcend their matte exterior to become shimmering colors that exude the beauty of ice crystals and snowy vistas. Kick off the event with frosted ivory invitations engraved with pencil gray calligraphy to welcome your guests; continue the theme through menus, place cards and table markers.   Pewter wine goblets and chargers will set off the single ivory bloom laying across every woman”s place setting; ice sculptures in the center of every table bring the outside in (but feel free to use crystal, illuminated by candlelight for a shimmering light source.


When considering your wedding flowers, vintage ivory or champagne roses, hydrangea and spider mums dusted with gray powder will evoke the feeling of a winter garden caught in a frost; eucalyptus leaves and some succulents come by the look naturally and add wonderful detail. Sprinkle your bouquets and centerpieces with small crystals or diamonds to create a winter shimmer, and don’t forget to illumine the room with hanging white icicle lights for an even more cohesive nod towards the winter y conditions outside. And before sending your guests back out into the elements, serve white hot chocolate in keep-sake engraved silver travel mugs to take with them as they go.


Winter is a unique time of year, and gives couples the chance to create a truly magical event. For more inspiration for traditionally elegant arrangements, bridal bouquets and winter centerpieces, come see us in our Yonkers or White Plains flower shops. Whatever your dream winter wedding looks like, Blossom’s expert florists and wedding planners are help to help.

Add Chrysanthemums to Your Bridal Bouquet

chrysanthemumPerfect for a wedding any time of the year, but especially taking place in autumn, chrysanthemums are the quintessential fall flower. Though they are known for their blooms featuring autumn-inspired colors like blazing red, fiery orange, and golden yellow, chrysanthemums actually bloom in almost every color of the rainbow in nearly every shade and combination imaginable. Available in hues ranging from light peach, vibrant green, and deep purple to wedding white and gold, violet blue, and hot pink with white tipped petals, you can be sure a variety or two of chrysanthemums are available to complement your wedding theme’s colors. In addition to the wide variety of petal colors, the various shapes and sizes of the blooms make them a perfect choice for bridal bouquets. Chrysanthemum heads range from small to large and feature blooms of hundreds of petals which can be button-like, daisy-like, or even like large feathery pompons akin to the dahlia in appearance.

The chrysanthemum’s great variety creates endless bridal bouquet possibilities. Chrysanthemums can be used to arrange traditional bridal bouquets like cascading and hand tied arrangements in addition to tightly arranged nosegay and modern bouquets to complement an elegant, whimsical, casual, or formal wedding. Used alone or in tandem with other types of flowers, chrysanthemums provide brides with dynamic, modern bouquets in their favorite colors from pristine white to deep crimson to complement their white dresses and carry down the aisle.

At Blossom Flower Shops, our professional florists specialize in floral decor for weddings. We can help you incorporate chrysanthemums into timeless floral arrangements for your wedding day. Used alone or paired with almost any flower like roses, lilies, daisies, or carnations, chrysanthemums make the perfect addition to any fall wedding floral arrangement from bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres to centerpieces, floral accents, and aisle treatments. Our florists look forward to sprinkling your wedding day with beautiful floral memories.


Blossom Flower Vintage Weddings

vintage weddingAlthough vintage weddings are always popular, they can take many forms. Vintage refers to anything from a different generation, whether a few decades or 100 years ago. So whether you’d like to channel the classic style of Jackie Kennedy in the 60’s, or capture the crazy party style of the roaring 20’s, a vintage wedding is anything but predictable.


At its heart, a vintage wedding is elegantly wistful, remembering and celebrating a simpler time. It I the partnering of memories and new life, in a celebration as romantic as the day itself. Antique white, champagne and blush flowers such as roses and lilies make traditional wedding bouquets that exude vintage vibes; adding accents of classic pearls is a sophisticated touch.

vintage wedding


The vintage in your wedding is evident not only in floral arrangements, but the style of dress, the décor and the venue can all lend to a sense of tradition and legacy. Outdoor weddings can be surprisingly vintage, hearkening to a time before chic wedding halls and colored lights. After an outdoor ceremony draped in luxurious dahlias or hydrangea, strings of Edison lights or rows of candle lanterns can create a romantic, natural garden atmosphere.



To add the final touches on your vintage day, consider asking the older women in your family to look through their closets. Antique lace tablecloths for the gift or head tables; a mother-of-pearl cameo brooch or strings of pearls an all create traditional accents sure to make your day memorable.


Come into Blossom Flower Shop in Yonkers or White Plains, and discuss your wedding with one of our expert wedding consultants. No matter the mood, theme or desired ambiance – we have the bouquets, centerpieces, aisle flowers and ideas that are sure to make a lasting impression.

How to Add Greenery to Your Wedding

The decision to get married is an incredibly important one. After deciding to get married, you start to think about the kind of wedding you want to have. You want the wedding to reflect your individuality, personality and the things that mean the most to you as a couple.

wedding greenery

Finding a wedding planner and wedding consultants is challenging. The people you work with should understand that every couple is unique, and their wedding décor and other details must reflect that individuality. At Blossom Flower Shops, our consultants will always focus on your vision, making sure that on that all-important day, no detail is overlooked, and the entire day exceeds your wildest expectations.

wedding greenery

We like to share floral decorating suggestions in the hope that by doing so, we inspire our couples or give them ideas that they might want to incorporate into their overall wedding design. One of the hottest trends in wedding décor for 2015 involves the use of greenery. We think there are countless ways to incorporate greenery into weddings, so we’re sharing a few examples.


Embrace Greenery for Your Ceremony

wedding greenery

Many couples choose to have their ceremony at an outdoor venue where the sounds and sights of nature come together for a unique and often breathtaking panorama – as long as the weather cooperates. If you are thinking about getting married at a place where you’re surrounded by nature’s greenery, let that inspire you in your floral décor for the ceremony.

wedding greenery

Create a special ceremony space under an arbor, Chuppah, or gazebo. Cover the top with green hydrangeas, eucalyptus leaves, seeded eucalyptus, and other and weave the flowers together with willow twigs. You can have green vines in different shades and textures cascade down the supports. Flank the ceremony space with pillars that are topped with huge planters filled with ferns. You’ll get an elegant, sophisticated, dramatic, and truly unique look for your ceremony venue.


Use Green for Your Cocktail Hour

wedding greenery

Don’t overlook the cocktail hour. The floral décor you choose for that space is just as important as the flowers everywhere else. It sets the stage for what people will expect to see at the reception. When your flower arrangements at the cocktail hour are unusual and creative, your guests will expect to see the same when they enter the reception area.

wedding greenery

Go for something that continues to use the theme of greenery. A bubble bowl filled with Roses and Limes is super appropriate because the bowl is small enough that it won’t overpower the tables. Your guests will get a kick out of your creativity, and the use of limes is very appropriate, but unexpected.


Romance in Pink Weddings

When it come to classically romantic weddings, the color pink immediately comes to mind. From the innocence of blush rose petals to the passion of a deep pink cascading bridal bouquet, the shades and nuances of the pink shade can define the emotion of your wedding day. Elegant pink and ivory roses create this dreamy and nostalgic arrangement which will add a touch of grace to any ceremony. From color palette to design, this bouquet exudes love and adoration.

pink wedding

Whatever your chosen venue, pink accents placed throughout will weave that sense of romance into every aspect of the décor. Candles illuminating a welcome table strewn with blossoms ensures a warm entrance to your event, and can be coordinated with centerpieces, lighting elements and a sophisticated dessert table – heavily frosted with pink icing, of course.

pink wedding

Some of the most popular blooms used in classic weddings include lush and lavish peonies, whimsically colorful tulips, and graceful, opulent lilies and roses. From aisle flowers to bridesmaid bouquets, creating combinations of pink, white and ivory blossoms is a sure way to blanket your venue with a romantic aura. If you need ideas or advice, the expert florists at Blossom Flower Shops are ready to help.

Browse our gallery for photos of past events sure to provide inspiration, then give us a call. Throughout Westchester County and the surrounding areas, we are confident that your wedding will be beautiful; with the bouquets, corsages, arrangements and floral accents available from our Yonkers or White Plains flower shops.

Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Your Fall Wedding

Fall WeddingA fall wedding brings to mind vibrant autumn leaves in shades of orange, yellow, and red. Will your fall wedding flowers from Blossom Flower Shops resemble the beauty of the season or will you go with this year’s trendy shades like deep purple, ivory, and blush pink?

See What’s Trending for Fall Weddings

Each season brings new, beautiful trends, and wedding planners seem to come up with the most exquisite and extraordinary color combinations. The colors for your fall wedding can evoke any feeling you want. One interesting trend is the appearance of copper in the décor of fall weddings.

Brides will use copper print on their invitations and guests will see copper décor at the wedding in the form of candlesticks, cutlery, and other accents. Copper is a perfect choice for rustic weddings that feel a little outdoorsy and close to nature.

Cascading bouquets in colors like red wine, light lavender, and ivory are beautiful when paired with copper accents. You may think about adding Moroccan lanterns or using classic floating candles for your centerpieces. Floating candles make it easy for your guests to see one another across the table! You can also use a copper colored glass candle holder and decorate it with seasonal flowers!

Fall Wedding

Warm and Inviting Fall Wedding Flowers

Is your wedding going to feature just a few close friends and family? If you’ve chosen fall for your wedding date, you’re in luck because classic fall flowers and colors are wonderfully inviting for a small, cozy ceremony and reception.

If your wedding is just outside of summer in September, you might think about getting some of the last sunflowers of the season and pairing them with some soft orange roses. Orange gerbera daisies are also a bright fall addition to your wedding flowers.

Fall Wedding

For a subtler approach to your wedding that still takes advantage of the beautiful colors of fall, simply change your flowers to pastels. For example, instead of bright orange lilies, you might think about peach or even white. Switch your magentas to blush and your mauves to pink flowers.

Tip: Place your flowers in rustic baskets for a casual-dress wedding or in elegant glass vases for a formal wedding.

Whether you’re designing a formal wedding in the golden hues of autumn or you’re hosting a rustic reception in your own backyard, fall offers a wealth of beautiful flowers from which to choose, as well as designs that run the gamut from delicate to bucolic.

Five Trends for Outdoor Weddings

outdoor weddingThe peak season for outdoor weddings lies ahead, and with endless possibilities, ranging from casual to elegant, you can ensure your wedding’s theme fits you and your fiancé’s personalities, creating a day of memories you will cherish forever. The following five outdoor wedding trends will have you ready to take your wedding out of the reception hall and into the great outdoors.

Rustic – Think of the romance of the wild west, cowboys riding into the sunset. Usually set on a ranch or in a picturesque barn, rustic weddings incorporate distressed leather, antler motifs, hay bale seating, and cocktails sipped from copper mugs. Like the old west, keep your floral arrangements wild with flowers like lupine, sunflower, and primrose. Though this theme takes place in a casual setting, elevated details like leather accents and oil lamps will keep the atmosphere special and elegant.

Beach – Set your wedding next to the water and incorporate the theme throughout with anchors, starfish, and breezy linens. If there’s sand, hand out flip flops as wedding favors.

outdoor wedding

Bohemian – Capture the mood of your favorite music festivals and artwork with a modern take on the bohemian wedding. Use lanterns, feather accents, and casual language on invitations to maintain a relaxed vibe for this outdoor wedding theme. Hang floral arrangements from trees using woven macrame planters and an empty frame to create a makeshift “photo booth”. Ditch the traditional veil for a floral crown and ask your bridesmaids to wear mismatched dresses. For the groomsmen, suspenders are a must and bow ties will bring their look up a notch.

Afternoon Tea – Inspired by the British tradition, this outdoor theme creates a sophisticated, romantic atmosphere. Make your wedding into a garden party with tea sets at each table, large billowing floral arrangements, and a pastel color palette. At the dessert table, include an array of tea cakes, macaroons, and other pretty confections to pair with a variety of tea and pretty cocktails.

outdoor wedding

Picnic – An outdoor wedding with a picnic theme is all fun and relaxation. Include picnic baskets and seating with cute pillows. For this theme, yellow and white daisies hit the right note, picnic table style seating, and plenty of backyard games.

No matter your wedding’s theme, Blossom Flower’s expert florists will provide you with the perfect floral elements to pull off the perfect outdoor wedding.