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Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Your Fall Wedding

Fall WeddingA fall wedding brings to mind vibrant autumn leaves in shades of orange, yellow, and red. Will your fall wedding flowers from Blossom Flower Shops resemble the beauty of the season or will you go with this year’s trendy shades like deep purple, ivory, and blush pink?

See What’s Trending for Fall Weddings

Each season brings new, beautiful trends, and wedding planners seem to come up with the most exquisite and extraordinary color combinations. The colors for your fall wedding can evoke any feeling you want. One interesting trend is the appearance of copper in the décor of fall weddings.

Brides will use copper print on their invitations and guests will see copper décor at the wedding in the form of candlesticks, cutlery, and other accents. Copper is a perfect choice for rustic weddings that feel a little outdoorsy and close to nature.

Cascading bouquets in colors like red wine, light lavender, and ivory are beautiful when paired with copper accents. You may think about adding Moroccan lanterns or using classic floating candles for your centerpieces. Floating candles make it easy for your guests to see one another across the table! You can also use a copper colored glass candle holder and decorate it with seasonal flowers!

Fall Wedding

Warm and Inviting Fall Wedding Flowers

Is your wedding going to feature just a few close friends and family? If you’ve chosen fall for your wedding date, you’re in luck because classic fall flowers and colors are wonderfully inviting for a small, cozy ceremony and reception.

If your wedding is just outside of summer in September, you might think about getting some of the last sunflowers of the season and pairing them with some soft orange roses. Orange gerbera daisies are also a bright fall addition to your wedding flowers.

Fall Wedding

For a subtler approach to your wedding that still takes advantage of the beautiful colors of fall, simply change your flowers to pastels. For example, instead of bright orange lilies, you might think about peach or even white. Switch your magentas to blush and your mauves to pink flowers.

Tip: Place your flowers in rustic baskets for a casual-dress wedding or in elegant glass vases for a formal wedding.

Whether you’re designing a formal wedding in the golden hues of autumn or you’re hosting a rustic reception in your own backyard, fall offers a wealth of beautiful flowers from which to choose, as well as designs that run the gamut from delicate to bucolic.