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Wedding Colors to Expect in 2017

wedding colors

Each year, the Pantone Color Institute reveals its list of the top 10 color trends for the upcoming season. These color recommendations are anticipated for those researching fashion, accessories, and even home decor – but are especially of interest to those planning a wedding. If you are going to be married and are deciding on color schemes for dresses, flowers, and venue decor, here is a list of the wedding colors for 2017, according to the experts. When choosing flowers in one of these color palettes, the professionals at Blossom Flower Shops are ready to assist.

The most neutral color on the list is Hazelnut, an earthy and organic tone that had hints of dusty rose, reminiscent of one of the top colors of 2016.
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Extraordinary Wedding Orchids

wedding orchids

Beautiful flowers have a way of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, and that is at no time more true than when choosing the right wedding flowers for your special day. Your flowers showcase your personal flair and style; from elegant to romantic, the possibilities are truly endless. But floral experts know that some flowers rise above the rest in terms of desirability, and the orchid is at the top of that list. Whether using the orchid to create the most extravagant of bouquets, or to grace the most minute of details, orchids add unparalleled beauty and sophistication.

wedding orchids

The dendrobium, cymbidium, and phalaenopsis orchids each have a distinct aesthetic and there are hundreds of possibilities when it comes to designing wedding arrangements. The flower occurs in a vast array of colors and styles, with petals that can be monochromatic, gradient in hue, or exhibiting spectacular vibrant patterns.  The most popular wedding orchids in 2016 include the striking green cymbidium, seen above, which comprises this amazing and contemporary bridal bouquet when paired with romantic pastel roses and hydrangrea.  In comparison, this demure white orchid corsage exhibits a quiet and classic sophistication.

wedding orchids

Wedding orchids include all elements of the day – meaning that orchids make gorgeous hairpins, debonair boutonnieres, delicate place setting decor or unique cake embellishments. From the moment the bride emerges on the aisle with her gorgeous orchid bouquet until your guests admire the dramatic centerpiece at the reception – the orchid makes any ordinary venue extraordinary.

With so many choices, how do you decide? Start by making an appointment with the wedding designers at Blossom Flower Shops, who have helped hundreds of Yonkers and White Plains brides to create the floral designs of their dreams.


Choosing the Right Floral Designer for Your Wedding

wedding tipsWhen it comes right down to it, it is all about relationship.

When we collaborate with others, creativity flows and dreams get realized. When it comes to your wedding, any reputable Yonkers area florist can supply you with the flowers you ask for, and most will do so within the same basic budget and level of professionalism. But Carly Anechiarico, professional wedding consultant at Blossom Flower Shops, sees her job as far more than providing the bride and groom with flowers.

“I think the best way to choose a florist for your wedding is to connect with the designer.”, Carly says. “Without that connection, it is difficult to achieve the vision of your wedding to the extent you have imagined it.” In fact, bringing your dream wedding to life is exactly what Carly and the team of professional floral designers at Blossom are committed to. A professional designer is more than a florist; they are an artist; one who can recommend the best flowers for a summer wedding, or the perfect flower to substitute for that bloom that may be out of your budget’s reach and still attain the same effect. In the summer it is especially important to have an intimate knowledge of seasonal flower options that can hold up in the heat, outlasting the last strains of music.

You may know that you want roses, dahlias or hydrangea in your bouquets and arrangements – but a floral designer will know the perfect blooms to accentuate, add texture and provide vibrant, long lasting beauty – like calla lilies, orchids, and succulents. Once the perfect flowers have been identified, the floral designer gets to work, creating custom, one of a kind flowers just for you – achieving the exact look and feel you were hoping for. Your wedding arrangements, centerpieces, and bouquets are some of the most visibly prominent elements of your wedding day – don’t trust them to the florist who won the low-cost bidding war.

Trust the team that is committed to making sure that your wedding day is perfect by design. With an artist’s touch and professional passion for her work, Carly says “You get what you pay for, really”. Make sure every dollar you spend on your flowers is well spent, and beautifully executed – speak with the experts at Blossom Flower Shops today.

Stargazer Lily, the Perfect Wedding Flower

shutterstock_171266801Lilies have long symbolized chastity and virtue, which made them a popular addition to an old fashioned or traditional wedding. While looking for modern options for wedding flowers, however, today’s brides have started using bright pink stargazer lilies for the ideal combination of contemporary love and time-honored devotion.

Contemporary and Happy Flowers

The name of the stargazer lily is entirely appropriate since it’s difficult to take your eyes off this beautiful flower when someone brings it into a room or a bride walks down the aisle with stargazers in her bouquet.

Recently developed in the 1970s, stargazer lilies were named because of the way they look up at the sky when they open. In addition to their bright and joyful persona, stargazer lilies also smell like heaven as a result of the plant breeder’s efforts to combine the fragrance of the Asiatic lily and the look of the Oriental lily.

Although pink stargazers are a vivid addition to your wedding, you don’t necessarily need to focus upon pink as your primary color. In fact, pink stargazers look lovely with décor in colors like blue, pale yellow, and orange. Think of the stunning combination of orange tiger lilies and pink stargazer lilies for your wedding bouquet.

IMG5875-14081910023Beautiful Pairings for Stargazer Lilies

Depending upon your color scheme, you can choose almost any traditional wedding flower for inclusion in your bouquets, table arrangements, sprays, and other flower displays. If you’ve decided on a pink wedding, your stargazers will look at home in arrangements with classic gerbera daisies, carnations, and roses.

Or you can try pairing it with roses and hydrangea in a beautiful, large centerpiece.

If you’re interested in getting a little more adventurous with your flowers, you may also consider using orchids with your lilies. Something about the striking architecture of these two flowers allows them to set one another off beautifully, particularly when used in cascade bouquets.

The Perfect Flower for a Contemporary Wedding

If you want to create a minimalist and contemporary look for your wedding, you may think about using only stargazer lilies in very simple arrangements. They look fashionable and chic when allowed to float in round bowls of water, and they look elegant with their long stems placed in soaring vases.

Stargazer lilies are a versatile addition to your wedding flowers whether they’re your premier bloom, or they’re part of a lovely bouquet of different orchids, roses, and carnations.