The Many Jobs of the Mother of the Bride

mother of the brideFrom the moment we came into her world, Mom has been putting our interests before her own. Since she is the person we often trust the most, it is fitting that she would be the go-to contact to make sure that the wedding planning process and ceremony as a whole go smoothly.

Traditionally, the mother of the bride took charge because – after all – she and her husband were probably paying for the event. These days that may or may not be the case, but there are still many ways that Mom is expected to help out. Her main responsibility is to assist with the plans while keeping the style and vision of the bride-to-be in mind.

The mother-of-the-bride will customarily assume responsibilities such as compiling the guest list, sending out invitations and managing responses, setting up hotel reservations for out of town guests and maintaining communication with vendors. At Blossom Flower Shops, we have contributed to countless beautiful Westchester County and New York area weddings, and worked with many mothers who have assisted with a passion that only a mother can exhibit.

Depending on your culture and background, Moms may play a different role in the ceremony. In the Christian tradition, mothers are escorted to the front pew and seated just before the ceremony begins; conversely, they are escorted out as soon as the wedding party leaves, indicating her status as guest of honor. In the Jewish wedding ceremony, both the father and mother of the bride walk their daughter down the aisle together. There are many other family traditions that your mother can bring to the ceremony – from cherished heirlooms to meaningful readings; your mother is often the keeper of the traditions in the family.

From the bridal bouquets to the reception centerpieces, Blossom Flower Shops is here to bring the wedding of your dreams to life through flowers. Your Mother is there to be your right-hand helper and your shoulder to lean on – just like she always has. We look forward to meeting you both.