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The Many Jobs of the Mother of the Bride

mother of the brideFrom the moment we came into her world, Mom has been putting our interests before her own. Since she is the person we often trust the most, it is fitting that she would be the go-to contact to make sure that the wedding planning process and ceremony as a whole go smoothly.

Traditionally, the mother of the bride took charge because – after all – she and her husband were probably paying for the event. These days that may or may not be the case, but there are still many ways that Mom is expected to help out. Her main responsibility is to assist with the plans while keeping the style and vision of the bride-to-be in mind.

The mother-of-the-bride will customarily assume responsibilities such as compiling the guest list, sending out invitations and managing responses, setting up hotel reservations for out of town guests and maintaining communication with vendors. At Blossom Flower Shops, we have contributed to countless beautiful Westchester County and New York area weddings, and worked with many mothers who have assisted with a passion that only a mother can exhibit.

Depending on your culture and background, Moms may play a different role in the ceremony. In the Christian tradition, mothers are escorted to the front pew and seated just before the ceremony begins; conversely, they are escorted out as soon as the wedding party leaves, indicating her status as guest of honor. In the Jewish wedding ceremony, both the father and mother of the bride walk their daughter down the aisle together. There are many other family traditions that your mother can bring to the ceremony – from cherished heirlooms to meaningful readings; your mother is often the keeper of the traditions in the family.

From the bridal bouquets to the reception centerpieces, Blossom Flower Shops is here to bring the wedding of your dreams to life through flowers. Your Mother is there to be your right-hand helper and your shoulder to lean on – just like she always has. We look forward to meeting you both.

Strange Wedding Traditions and Where They Come From

wedding traditionsFrom the day of the proposal to the walk down the aisle, weddings are completely wrapped in tradition and ritual that stems from one’s culture, faith and family. While some couples strive to create a wedding that is out of the box, so many of the accepted elements of a wedding are actually ancient rituals that we are not even aware of.


Getting engaged has become a source of entertainment, with more and more extravagant videos trending on YouTube and social media. Proposing to that special someone is increasingly losing the ambiance of a quiet and intimate occasion. In a previous time and culture, however, proposing to a woman was much simpler. A hawthorn branch would be placed on her doorstep of on the first of May; if she left the branch outside the door, it would be considered an acceptance. In this ritual, the man and woman didn’t even see each other face to face until after the engagement was established.



In today’s culture, the idea of selecting the perfect white dress is a process that most girls dream of from they time they are little. Until the last century or so, however, the idea of purchasing a new gown was unheard of; brides would simply choose from their own wardrobe. No matter the color, the bride’s very best dress would be her wedding gown. Even before the traditional white dress was popular, it was considered tasteless to wear the same color as the bride, as she is meant to be the center of attention and truly stand out.


As we look back throughout history, it is amazing to see the traditions that have persisted and those that have diminished. Whether you are choosing to create a ceremony rich in old-fashioned aspects or are trying to change up the status quo, the professional florists at Blossom Flower Shops are eager to create stunning bouquets, centerpieces, and altar arrangements just for you.

Blossom Flower Shops -Summer Wedding Flowers

summer weddingsWhen planning your outdoor summer wedding, there are unique weather challenges due to higher heat and humidity present this time of year. But there is nothing to fear – experts tell us there are beautiful ways to celebrate in style in this season. When booking an outdoor wedding event, your venue immediately includes nature; by adding the right florals you can accentuate the surroundings. Orchids, lilies roses are all classic favorites of florists for their ability to withstand summer heat; make sure they are in containers with plenty of water to prevent wilting.

summer weddings

Bold and energetic color choices are a huge summer trend this year. Move out of the way, subtle pastels! Summer gives opportunity to experiment with more daring hues when planning wedding ceremonies and receptions. Flaunt your own personal style by adding pops of color through your floral arrangements – Blossom Flower Shop’s talented designers have years of experience creating unique bouquets that merge traditional styles with the use of vibrant color schemes. Remember, it will be hot out – so keep vases of water handy to place bouquets in during “down-times” – between photos, or between the ceremony and the reception.

summer weddings

Expert Tip: If your outdoor venue does not have a shaded area for guests, consider a tent draped in hardy greenery like olive branches and eucalyptus. It will be a beautiful addition that will keep guests refreshed!

summer weddings

Blossom’s professional florists have a passion for designing one of a kind floral arrangements that accentuate your personal style, while displaying the most popular wedding trends. This summer, make us a part of your wedding – we’re ready for your call.

Tall Centerpieces in Your Beautiful Wedding

tall centerpiecesHaving the wedding of the year is completely within your reach when you follow the trends and styles of the season! While planning for your special day, take into consideration your own personal desires and unique design sense to make it truly your own. Floral arrangements are just one piece to the puzzle that brings your whole wedding theme together.


Creating a floral pattern of elegance is as simple as requesting the help of Blossom Flower Shops! When designing for your once in a lifetime event, we are passionate about combining current trends with your personal flair. This season, the use of soaring centerpieces is attracting many brides and grooms. Using a vase that elevates your blooms creates a high class and sophisticated look.

wedding centerpieces


Floral centerpieces don’t have to be as tame and pulled together as one may think. The use of wild flowers and unrefined greens gives a natural look that is bringing weddings back to organic beauty. Adding elements of the outdoors – including fruit or vines – to your display is a popular way to connect to nature, whether your reception is inside or out. Tall centerpieces rise above the guests to bring a sense of openness and airiness to the space.



If wildflowers are not the look you are going for, then perhaps a more streamline floral arrangement is more to your liking. Don’t forget, your wedding day is ultimately about what you love and have always dreamed of! The trends of the season are simply suggested to help inspire you in making decisions toward the outcome of your big day.

tall centerpieces

Incorporate an elegant and sleek vase, combined with a cohesive pattern of blooms, and you have a cultured look perfect for the sophisticated bride and groom.



As you discover all that your wedding can be, our Yonkers and White Plains floral designers here at Blossom Flower Shops are eager to assist you in any way we can to make your dreams come true.