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Strange Wedding Traditions and Where They Come From

wedding traditionsFrom the day of the proposal to the walk down the aisle, weddings are completely wrapped in tradition and ritual that stems from one’s culture, faith and family. While some couples strive to create a wedding that is out of the box, so many of the accepted elements of a wedding are actually ancient rituals that we are not even aware of.


Getting engaged has become a source of entertainment, with more and more extravagant videos trending on YouTube and social media. Proposing to that special someone is increasingly losing the ambiance of a quiet and intimate occasion. In a previous time and culture, however, proposing to a woman was much simpler. A hawthorn branch would be placed on her doorstep of on the first of May; if she left the branch outside the door, it would be considered an acceptance. In this ritual, the man and woman didn’t even see each other face to face until after the engagement was established.



In today’s culture, the idea of selecting the perfect white dress is a process that most girls dream of from they time they are little. Until the last century or so, however, the idea of purchasing a new gown was unheard of; brides would simply choose from their own wardrobe. No matter the color, the bride’s very best dress would be her wedding gown. Even before the traditional white dress was popular, it was considered tasteless to wear the same color as the bride, as she is meant to be the center of attention and truly stand out.


As we look back throughout history, it is amazing to see the traditions that have persisted and those that have diminished. Whether you are choosing to create a ceremony rich in old-fashioned aspects or are trying to change up the status quo, the professional florists at Blossom Flower Shops are eager to create stunning bouquets, centerpieces, and altar arrangements just for you.